DIY Storage Bench

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DIY Storage Bench made from recycled wood and left over laminate flooring. The wood came from old bench seats in a school gym that were being replaced. Here is another project I made from more of the same timber :
The walnut laminate flooring was left over from when I was flooring my house. Its actually a great way to use up any flooring you have left over and the furniture you make will also match your floor!
Any house especially kids can never have enough storage so this is a great way to hide any toys or other things you would like to store away from view while still having quick and easy access to. It also acts a bench seat which can easily seat two people.
The floor in the storage bench is semi solid flooring, its was also walnut and I just had enough bits to do the floor. I went with this as it is stronger than the laminate. These bits were also left over from another room.
The only thing I purchased for this project was the chain which cost €1.70 from my local hardware store.
Obviously it would have been easier and quicker to buy new timber but I think it was a good way to reuse old and left over wood that would probably just end up rotting.

--Always be careful using tools and machinery--

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