How To Give Epoxy a Flat Finish

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In this video, I show you how to give epoxy a flat finish.

What will you learn in this new video tutorial?

First, I show you the things you need use to give epoxy resin a low sheen, non gloss, matte finish.

Next, you will learn the proper technique to sand epoxy resin without leaving swirl marks or pigtails. Also, learn

Then, I show you how to use sanding grits to control sheen levels.

This is just a preview. I also cover how to apply odie's oil finish and much more.

So, check out the video so you can give epoxy a matte finish.

How to Sand Epoxy Resin Like a Pro:
Best Finishes for Epoxy Wood Table:

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Soft Sanding Pad:
HEPA Vacuum:
120 grit Sandpaper:
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220 grit Sandpaper:
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Felt Buffing Pad:
Applicator Pad for Oil:
Odie's Oil:


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