Live edge ash bookshelves

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January for Ukrainian folk is the month of New Year and Christmas hollidays. Therefore, any work other than celebrations is not recommended! :)
Unfortunately this is also the month of the quarantine lockdown almost for 17 days due to goverment quarantine measures and the month of winter frosts.
With all of these factors, its not the best time to pursue my hobby.
However, I still decided to pursue a distraction and make a bookshelf to arrange my workplace. For the frame I used ash board. I decided to make the movable shelves because of the wood movement (the temperature in my garage and in the house are very different). To make It more interesting decorated the mounting rails with walnut slices, which I cut from a piece of walnut branch.
The design of shelves turned out to be quite strong and reliable, so I'm happy with the outcome.
Thank you all for watching!
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