Simple Planter Bench - DIY

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In this video I build a planter bench for my mother. I visited her home in Moncton New Brunswick during the week that Hurricane Dorian reached Atlantic Canada. Luckily, my mother’s home was unscathed, but we were left without power for a little while. I wanted to make her something while I was there, which meant that I had to use hand tools. I used pressure treated wood as my mother wants to stain it (which will be done in the spring) to match her deck, which is also made from pressure treated lumber. As I didn’t know when we would get power back, I designed something very simple that didn’t require any complicated joints or cuts.

The bench part is made out of 2”x6”s and the planters are made from 1”x6” with support from some 4”x4”s and 2”x2”s and some scrap 2”x4”s cut to size.
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Here are some of the supplies, tools and materials I used in making this. The links are either to the exact tool/supply I used, or something very close.

Handsaw :
Jisaw :
Square :

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I hope you enjoy the video and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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